Dear Members and Colleagues,

I would like to sincerely thank you all for your confidence in the organization I represent, Bangladesh Business Chamber of Singapore and in my person, to hold the Presidency till May 2022. I am very conscious that due to the good work of the former Management Council Members makes my task more demanding, because I have to maintain and improve what is already a good result.

We will contact, cooperate and share our priorities with Management Council Members to develop policies and strategies for the real benefit of all our members.

I believe I am not the only one who feels that a very important field of challenges lies in front of us: digitalization, entrepreneurship respectful to our specificities, meaningful cooperation with members and organizations so that we achieve what we really need.

Our organization have already been working in different important areas, now it is very important that we from new Management Council go forward with more recognized, more efficient voice while dealing with other national, international business forums. Our organization should be a window of opportunities both for our members and concerned business people and organizations, no matter where they live.

In the coming two years, we should work altogether to increase BDCham actions in order to reinforce our professions and the values we stand for. I will begin with a lot of enthusiasm and the certainty to be proud of us.

Thank you again for your trust in us!

Mohd Shahiduzzaman

Management Council Members

Tenure 2022-2024

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