I like to thank all members of Bangladesh Business Chamber of Singapore (BDCham) for their support and trust in me during the BDCham 8th AGM. I would also like to thank BDCham immediate past President, Mr Mohd Shahiduzzaman, for his hard work and contribution as BDCham’s President during the last tenure. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all newly elected BDCham council members for the year 2019 ~ 2021 as we move forward together so as to achieve new height for BDCham. Singapore is a land of many opportunities. I strongly believe if we work together, we can strengthen the network and support system among our many members. Together we can build a more vibrant business chamber for all Bangladeshi business people in the smooth running of their businesses in Singapore. I like to invite all investors from Singapore and other parts of the world to invest in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a growing economy, Bangladesh's population of more than one hundred and sixty-three million provide sustainable labour and manufacturing costs for many types of businesses. It is a huge market for you to promote your products and services. Bangladesh is an emerging market as it is opening up its economy to foreign investors. At the same time, there are many Bangladesh business organizations that are looking to invest their businesses in other countries. Bangladesh is pursuing an export-oriented industrialization process. Its key export sectors including textiles, shipbuilding, leather goods, fish and seafood. It has also developed self-sufficient industries in pharmaceuticals, steel, and food processing. Bangladesh further has substantial reserves of natural gas and is one of Asia's largest gas producer. Bangladesh's telecommunication industry has witnessed very rapid growth over the years, receiving high investment from foreign companies. Bangladesh’s government promotes the Digital Bangladesh scheme as part of its efforts to develop the country's growing information technology sector. Bangladesh is currently heavily focused on its infrastructure and power sector as it is building its nation to remain viable and current with other countries. Incessant supply of power and energy is the prerequisite for the progress of an economy. Electricity is the main form of energy that is tapped on both private and commercial scales in Bangladesh. To meet the increasing demand for Power, the government of Bangladesh has undertaken massive steps towards increasing the power supply in the short span of time by encouraging private sector power production as well as import of power from nearby countries. The government of Bangladesh has set a target to bring the whole country under electricity coverage by 2021. Our aim is to offer the information and guideline an investor might need to succeed in doing business in Bangladesh. Exploring new markets may be potentially a challenging one, yet if one takes the right steps, it may be a rewarding venture.

Prof. Dr. M A Rahim
Bangladesh Business Chamber of Singapore (BDCham)

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Tenure 2017-2019

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