Organisation Profile

Historically Singapore has been an attractive venue for trade and investment for centuries. From a small colonial trading outpost it transformed itself in to a modern cosmopolitan multicultural and multiracial business and financial hub much sought after by foreign investors around the world. Thanks to its efficient and competent leadership and government. Many of our fellow Bangladeshi businessmen have taken the opportunities offered by Singapore and successfully developed small and medium business enterprises. In the recent years Bangladeshi business community has seen a phenomenal growth both in terms of numbers and diversity of businesses. A necessity of a common business forum to complement that growth has been on many of our minds for quite some time. We sincerely believe, that dreams and aspirations have come to a reality through the founding of Bangladesh Business Chamber of Singapore (BBCS). The Chamber was officially registered and gazetted on 16th August 2010. We are greatly indebted to many individual businessmen for their valuable time and efforts during the formation of the Chamber. The encouragement and support of Bangladesh High Commission specially the guidance of His Excellency the High Commissioner Kamrul Ahsan has been remarkable. Now that we have a business Chamber we can make more collective efforts and look forward to build bigger businesses. We are confident that through productive interactions between relevant ministries and business chambers of both Singapore, Bangladesh and other countries we can help open avenues which will be beneficial to all. We assure all Bangladeshi businessmen in Singapore, regardless how small or big they are, or what trades they are in, that utmost endeavours have been exercised to make the constitution and the system to welcome and accommodate all of you to play a role in the functions and activities of the Chamber.